Fulter Logistics offers the Air Freight Service through its own offices and its strategically selected partners globally.

The volume of cargo and space availability fluctuates at different times of the year around the world and at Fulter Logistics we know the importance of having strategic partners that ensure we can offer our customers throughout the year the best options of agreement. with the nature of your business and the particular requirements or needs of each company.

In addition to air transport, Fulter Logistics offers value-added solutions to the service that only a specialized Team could give, with an important focus on serving and being attentive to the needs of our customers in order to offer a wide range of logistic solutions and to be able to customize and optimize the supply chain with options of routes, rates and speed of delivery adapted to each need.

Among the different options of Air Service that we offer in Fulter Logistics, are the following:
Consolidated Service
Service Back to Back
Express Service
Charter Service